A first impression is vital for any commercial or residential venture – whether you’re a large retailer, a large office space, a condominium, a government building, a tall high-rise building, a hotel, a tall apartment complex, or a homeowner. Secure that shining first impression today and let Empire Highrise USA do the work!

Safety is our #1 Goal!

Here at Empire Highrise USA, we are a very safety-conscious company. We aim to keep our employees safe at any job site.

Welcome to our company.

Our crew is made up of highly trained professionals who are certified window cleaners by the IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) and work year-round and perform guaranteed safe window cleaning. Fully licensed and insured, we are prepared to meet all your exterior cleaning needs.

Take a look at our high rise services.

The technicians at Empire Highrise are certified and insured to work up to 44 stories. When we’re done, your property will be spotless.

High Rise Window Cleaning


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What do we do?

Here at Empire Highrise, we provide expert cleaning services for residential, commercial and high-rise homes, buildings, and companies. From window and gutter cleaning, to pressure washing and concrete cleaning, we take pride in all of our work. As an extremely professional, hardworking company, you will always receive our best work!
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Why choose us?

We only use OSHA-approved equipment for high rise window washing, ensuring that a job well done is also done safely. What’s more Empire Cleaning is proud to be IWCA certified and fully insured, meaning that we have the skills and the knowledge that it takes to deliver top-notch results and build your company’s brand in the process.
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What's the next step?

At Empire Highrise, we believe that it is essential to have the right tools to get the best outcome. We’ve tested dozens of cleansers and cleaning agents to find the solution that works best, and we only use top-tier equipment. Simply put, when it comes to cleaning, Kansas City can count on us to deliver exceptional results through professional service.

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A properly cleaned window looks transparent and is free of streaks or residue. It also lets in light and adds aesthetic value. In order to get these kinds of results, our professionals tap into training and the skills that come with nearly a decade of experience. Although we specialize in window cleaning, we have many more specialty skills! Reach out to us today to find what is right for you!

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